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It is going to take at least a couple more weeks from now before CD’s are available for sale. As already mentioned below, music is available now for digital download. Skeptical Babies do not rest. We are primarily a recording band though we are open to consider a live gig (see contact info for email if you’re interested in booking us). But we do not rest. We are back to the drawing board, writing, rehearsing, chord progressions, melodies, energy, words, music is raining out of the sky all over Skeptical Babies and the Babies are loving it!! You really have to hear our sounds. It’s a good time. Thanks for checking in!!





Our new Album is now available for download thru itunes, amazon, cdbaby, and other online vendors. It is available as a CD as well, but  .  .  . silly babies that we are, we don’t know where!!! We arranged for CD release thru CD Baby on June 30 along with digital download so if you prefer CD over digital download, it should be available to order as CD anytime now!!



Unplanned Obsolescence is complete!!! Release date is June 30, available for pre-release sale on June 16th. Pre-sale purchases will include early download of the song Portrait.


Maybe . . .  maybe  . . .  the album is completely mixed now. Need to review latest mixes, check in with Doug and Dan, but maybe  . . . #albummix #unplannedobsolescence #scepticalbabies

New band photos added – still don’t know much about designing websites #donotknowhowtodesignwebsite but added some new band photos and subtle tweaks here and there. Hopefully the second installment of history will be available by mid-June #bandhistory #educationalpigeons


We have recorded all the songs for our debut album – Unplanned Obsolescence. Now on to the mixing and mastering. Looking forward to releasing the album soon – CD and digital download – thru CD baby. Release date to be announced soon!

Our Music

These babies are sooo skeptical! Sooo skeptical . . .

For some clues about the the concept behind Unplanned Obsolescence see down below.

Also, below are a few tracks from our new album. And of course some links to buy it (digital download)  on Amazon or CDBaby.  Also available on iTunes! CD’s coming soon!You will buy it, won’t you? Surely you won’t allow a few Skeptical Babies to dissuade you!? (What??)

Purchase Unplanned Obsolescence by Skeptical Babies on Amazon

Purchase Unplanned Obsolescence by Skeptical Babies at CDBaby


The progrock side of Skeptical Babies, Labor of Love, from the  album Unplanned Obsolescence.

A rock fusion jam, To Calm and Soothe the 21st Century Psyche, from Unplanned Obsolescence.

About as close to pop as we get on our first album. A Mysterious Stranger Appears at the Door (Problem Solved).

The running order of Unplanned Obsolescence

  1. To Calm and Soothe the 21st Century Psyche
  2. Labor of Love
  3. A Mysterious Stranger Appears at the Door (Problem Solved)
  4. All That You Can Hear
  5. Fight or Flight
  6. The Falling Sky
  7. Summit
  8. Rock Paper Scissors
  9. Portrait
  10. Sublimate and Press it Down
  11. Elsewhere
  12. The River

Unplanned Obsolescence is a concept album.

All That You Can Hear and Summit are instrumentals.

The Falling Sky is a mellotron-rich composition and the saddest song we may ever perform.  Fortunately, there is more to be said after Falling Sky. Summit is the follow up. Portrait explains the follow up.

Fight or Flight and Rock Paper Scissors are straight classic rock.

Sublimate and Press it Down and Elsewhere are really parts 1 and 2 of the same song.  Conceptually, one can imagine the protagonist experiencing what is represented by “All That You Can Hear” during the section where (s)he does “sleep until noon, awake until dawn”. But it would be inadvisable to attempt to play the tracks simultaneously at that point. Since All That You Can Hear also fits in Conceptually between Mysterious Stranger and Fight or Flight, and playing it a second time simultaneously with Elsewhere would amount to cacophony, we advise listening to the whole album in running order, but simply being aware of the conceptual (not auditory) reprise of All That You Can Hear during the aforementioned verse of Elsewhere.

The River is the key.


The Band::

Mike Tenenbaum: Guitars, keyboards, Vocals

Dan Jones: Bass Guitar

Doug Meadows: Drums and Percussion


History: First Installment

(Special thank you to Clem Hai Ben Metanu, who has been working on providing a thorough reconstruction of this history. This 1st installment is complete and presented in it’s entirety below. Further installments will be forthcoming soon).  Martha had her back to her window as she gazed into the kaleidoscopic landscape of labyrinths laid out …


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